Changing how money moves through Africa

Dnar™ is here to make it easy to send and receive digital forms of payment through Bitcoin, mobile money, debit card, USSD and a simple QR code.

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Customers downloading and using dnar in West Africa.

Compatible with almost all smartphones and computers.

Payment methods including MoMo and Bitcoin Lightning Network.

Convenient processing that works for you

Receive payments via your smartphone either through USSD (short code service) or your custom QR code.

Earn rewards

Start collecting free rewards by referring friends and through other bonuses.

Freedom at your fingertips

Access your money any time on your Android, iOS or web browser.

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You’re just getting started, already a thriving enterprise or marketplace, We’re here to serve your business needs & your customers.

As long as you receive payments for goods delivered or services rendered, is here to help.

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How does it work?

Getting started with dnar is simple and free.


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You can install the app for Android, iOS, or simply use any web browser on your phone or computer.


Verify your identity

We'll be able to quickly check a few details about you in order to get started.


Send and Receive!

You'll have a unique QR code, someone can scan and send you money.